Friday, September 25, 2015

fabulous {fashion} friday // jacket

and guys?

I must have promised this post a million times. and here I am. I'm finally writing it. I'm writing a fashion post. Lying on the couch, with my maxi skirt waist hiked up to my natural waste and pulled up past my knees, singing along to Taylor Swift's State of Grace... It reminds me of San Jose. I miss those days.

I recently saw a quote something along the lines of, "You never forget those neighborhood kids you grew up with." and I thought about the truth of that (also my wonderful neighbor whom I had the chance to see back in September.)

Sitting here with my skirt hiked up to my knees with my computer battery getting low, I can't help but think how imperfect life is. and how sore my wrists are.

But oh, how beautiful.

Some days are definitely yoga pant days (today I changed out of my pajamas just to go to work,) but I'm working on those being my off-days not my every-days. I am so much more productive on the days I get dressed.

Another (totally random) realization I've come to this week is: I'm not so much a procrastinator, in as much as lazy.

which sucks. because people excuse procrastinators, but lazy people, are, well, lazy. no one likes lazy people. but that's what I am. and guess what? I don't even like me. Well, not my laziness, at least.

So I'm kicking myself to get out of this lazy phase. (I'm calling it a phase because admitting that I AM a lazy person is hard enough, I don't need to add that I'm also consistently like that...because I don't feel like it's consistent. Except sometimes. So it's phase.)

Please bare with me.
One thing I don't miss about San Jose, though, is fall. I mean, I always loved fall in San Jose, but it doesn't compare to Kentucky autumn. I love the leaves changing, the breeze, and the chilling nip in the air, and everyone in scarves (!!!)

That's something I'll miss when we move away.

But, about this jacket.
It's seriously so lovely. It's perfect to throw it over any outfit and slip on flats and you're dressed up. Technically, it's my sisters', but my mom bought it and we (my mom and I) had admired it in the store before she got it, so it's mine in spirit.

And it's so lovely and wonderful. Everyone needs a fantastic jacket like this. It's a statement, or a happy piece that fits right along. it's really perfect.

and hey guys? have a wonderful fall weekend!!


  1. Perfect jackets make everything better. I really love that red color; I need to get myself a good autumn jacket. Lovely photos as well! ^^

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  2. I'm loving your photos lately! The red jacket is perfect for fall.

    I wouldn't be too quick to label yourself as a lazy person. I used to think I was pretty lazy as well because I just struggled to keep up my energy level to match most other people (still do) but then a college professor, who turned good friend, pointed out that I'm just a more mentally active person than a physically active person. It changed the way I thought and felt about myself for the better. And then in my early 30s I went and turned myself into a runner, which I never thought I'd have the energy to do either, so you never know.

    I think a big thing for me is to not worry so much about "busyness" and always doing "things" and budget my energy wisely, which may mean that my life seems to move at a slower pace than what is "normal" but I'm okay with that because I can better be myself this way. Maybe you fall in that boat as well... based on your writing I would never have considered you lazy. Just something to think about.

  3. Thank you! Seriously, for everything! That means a lot to me! That's definitely good to think about... I was complaining to my mom a few days ago about how late I was getting up and she was like, well, duh, 'cause you need a lot of sleep and you go to bed late. and she told me about how when she first got married my dad couldn't believe how much she could sleep... moral of the story being, some people need a lot of sleep/have less energy. and that might just be me.

    (still, there are things I could work on...also good for you taking up running. I've always wanted to, but I'm not totally sure when to start...)