Thursday, September 17, 2015

37/52 (part two) - Sept 10th & 11th : exploring

I love outside. Honest to goodness, I do. I just hate the weather. Most of the time.

But we just got a few beautiful, beautiful fall days. 

I mean, really. Perfect autumn days. 

love. ly.

So. Fun thing about the trees being cut down is that one landed across our creek bed (when it rains a lot, we get water down there, but this time of year, it's just a bed.) It's perfect.

 Literally, my first thought when I saw this was: that'd be cool if I wasn't taking biology.
I'm thinking "Shark Bait oh haha."

Seriously, though. these woods make me feel like I've been transported backed to before their was internet. (I mean, not that that was such a long time ago, but I feel like a regular kid, going outside to build a fort or something.)

I have web series to catch up on with my sisters, I gotta run.
Oh, the night was clear and the stars were shinin'
And the moon came up,... So quiet in the sky
And all the people gathered round while the band was a-tunin'
I can hear them now... Playin' 'Comin' Through the Rye'

Roseville Fair - Nanci Griffitj
I don't know why, but this weather always makes me want to listen to Nanci Griffith

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