Friday, September 4, 2015

fabulous friday // before the summer ends

It's that time of's time for the season round-up!! (remember those? no? well, that would be because I've never done one before. that link just sends you to the homepage. which will be this post for the rest of the weekend. fun, right? =D)

I kinda feel like I'm on chopped. I just finished making blueberry bars (a complicated process involving stopping in the middle to do book discussion on heart of darkness and then my sister trying to finish it for me and realizing I'd doubled the butter and then we ran out of frozen blueberries and I had to pick out blueberries from a frozen berry mix and then a mini heart attack when I thought we we had a teaspoon of cornstarch left...and that's just one dish. for one meal. life is kinda crazy.) and they bake for 25 minutes. So here I am. It's 12:15 pm and I (now) have 19 minutes to write/edit/perfect (haha who am I kidding?) this blog post.

On your mark. Get set.


I know summer starts in like june, but our summer starts as soon as it gets "warm." Which means March.
Bowling // Par-taying (Graduation) // camping // coffee date

May is when we really, really think of summer as starting. It's when the fun really happens.
Best ice tea // Vacation (!!!!) // mini-golfing, exploring, beaching // babysitting // summer reading program // flying // pool // more pool

The timer has sounded. I lost. I'll resume tomorrow...

August: fireflies // Baseball game (!) // road trippin // Lake MI // Scouts // Tradition // school // breakfasts yes // clue

So some (if not most) of those are rather crazy and not really something we did did, but hey, it's the little moments, right? (: 

Next week : {real} summer listens

Tell me your very best summer stories!!

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