Friday, August 14, 2015

fabulous friday // lately

these past few weeks have been crazy. they don't seem crazy until I try to write down the things we've done and then I wonder how I have time for anything else. especially with my case of procrastinating. But I'll work on that. (...tomorrow.)

1. I miss the beach. so much. we spend a hour or so last saturday at lake michigan and man, it's a cool lake, but it just doesn't cut it. it's just not a beach.

2. my dad just got his thanks-for-working-with-us-ten-years gift. it was a mini-ipad. we didn't know what it was because he wouldn't tell us so we've spend weeks guessing and it was supposed to arrive yesterday, but then we were all gone and my dad was in a meeting and since you have to sign for it, they just left a note and not the package. so we got it today.

3. I have to work today, which means I'm not going with my two older sister's to watch Importance of being Earnest with a friend, but that's actually totally okay with me.

4. I was super grumpy on thursday and I'm sorry to all the people I was rude to, I was really tired and I get really weepy and anti-social when I'm tired. it was because I slept outside two nights in a row and I never do well camping. I sleep for a long time, but I don't get that nice restful sleep. so I was tired. and rude. sorry.

5. I love ice water.

6. I have like a gift I'm making for my employer as a thank you gift, but I haven't really started on it yet. oops.

7. I wish I were better at picking out perfect gifts. but I'm just not. I never know what to get people. Tips, anyone?

8. so like we're not breakfast people, but I really want to start getting up earlier, so I'm going to try to start making breakfasts, but seriously do you guys have any idea of how hard it is to cook for 11 people? it takes so much food. like, so much. Probably it would be more if we had teenage guys, so I guess I should be thankful.

9. my mom got this beautiful tea (it's just earl gray but omw the packaging is amazing) and I'm so excited to try it. I think when I get off work I'll curl up with a cup and around the world in eighty days (which I'm trying to read before school starts...can you believe it's my first time??)

10. we have books everywhere. not just on our four bookshelves in the basement, but also in the storage room (in boxes and shelves,) also a book shelf in my mom and dad's room, a book shelf in my younger sisters' room, 50+ books sitting on my sister's desk (kid you not) a basket of books in the living room (series of unfortunate events -- gah so good,) a bookshelf in our room and a nightstand crammed with books. and hey guess what, I have like mental library dictionary/map so I can find you like just about any book we own.

11. since we've always had minimal stuff I've grown up knowing exactly where everything (including clothes) are from. which is a little crazy, I guess, but it had never occurred to me that other people didn't. It was just kinda one of those things I went through my life thinking was normal and now I find it's not... it's weird to me to find out other people don't know.


  1. this was really fun to read :-)
    the beach sounds amazing right now!! xoxo

  2. I know where everything is from too! :) we have way too much stuff but I guess I have a good memory, we're working on cutting riiiiight down now, trying to live more minimally! <3

    Series of Unfortunate Events are like, some of my favourite books ever :)
    Have you read the Spiderwick Chronicles?

    Bobbie xo

    1. So glad I'm not the only one!!

      Right?? Aren't they amazing?? I have not...I will totally check those out (like not literally, I don't know if they have them) next time we go to our library!!

  3. Cooking for 11 people sounds nuts! I love cooking, but no one in my house really eats, so I don't do it often because it's not worth the effort. However, breakfast foods are my ALL time favorite things to eat. Have you ever made steel cut oatmeal? Soooo much tastier than quick oats. It wouldn't be too difficult for a large crowd, and it literally "cooks" itself overnight. I usually make a big batch at the beginning of the week and it feeds my husband and I all week. We just reheat it in the morning and add in whatever mix-ins we feel like (my favorites are cream and honey).

    Also- I'm a big fan of owning minimal possessions as well. I love living life this way. I get easily overwhelmed by stuff. When friends come to my house they comment on the lack of "things" all the time, it's definitely not the norm, but I think it's catching on.

    1. I have made oatmeal with steal cut oats (well, I've eaten it. my mom made it.) It is a TON better than regular oatmeal in my opinion! Thanks for the suggestion!! I will certainly be making that in the coming weeks (that is, if I stick this breakfast thing out...)