Thursday, February 26, 2015

8/52 (part two) - February 20th : Nothing Much Going On At The Moment...

So like, yeah, my sister is graduating. Yay, congrats, Jess! She actually graduated like last semester, but we're having a party this March. Because parties are AWE-SOME!

I also have a friend who just had a birthday (yay for another year older!!) and I had like a week to wrap her present so I did a really awesome job. Like, seriously, this is the best gift wrapping I have EVER done. Happy Birthday, darling! Enjoy!! (seriously, now that I have a job I will be buying everyone gifts, just wait...)
Also, in case you missed it: I GOT GLASSES!!! Yay for me. They make me look super smart (not like in the picture were they make me look super creepy. Sorrrrry 'bout that.) I've been wearing contacts the past two years, and since my eyes aren't that bad, I just forget to put them on in the morning. Sooo, I switched to glasses. ^=^

One last thing: Shout out to Buster Posey who (should have by now) won Face Of MLB!!! You rock, dude!!

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