Tuesday, February 17, 2015

7/52 (part one) - February 13th : You know what we say, say...

Party everyday -- P-P-P-PARTY EVERYDAY! (I got a feelin...Oooh, Oooh...)

I went to this Pair Party. It was pretty sweet. I was Taylor Sa-Wift. and I like hung out with Harry half the night & then we broke up and he called me up and he's like, "I still love you..." and I was like, This is ex-hausting, ya know? Like we are Never getting back together. Like, ever. (yeeeaaaaaaaaaaah). That just happened.
In real time. Sorry. It gets late, I get crazy. Half the time I honestly don't even know what I'm saying.
Yes, well, anyway. My friend throws a birthday party every year (she's the one in the green on the right - Peter Pan. My younger sister is the one in the red skirt - Minnie Mouse). Seriously, I look forward to her parties Every. Year. With. Out. Fail. Too many periods. I'll stop.

(Yeah, btw, today I watched wasted a long time on Pride & Prejudice 1995. Seriously, Colin Firth is so much hot it's amazing. Daaaaaaaaaaaang. I love that movie. It's seriously in my top three favorites. Along with Cary Grant & Cary Elwes Movies...I have a thing for british C people. Yes, Cary Grant was British. and no, his name was not cary grant. I also love Gregory Peck & Jimmy Stewart, though, and neither of them was a C or British. Yeah, *coughcough* P&P was good, as always.)
That's the cake. It's a pear. She's also an amazing cake decorator.
Drop everything now//meet me in the pouring rain//kiss me on the sidewalk//take away the pain//cause I see sparks fly whenever yooooou//smile//

Because I am Taylor Swift, guys. TAY IS ME!!!

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