Friday, February 6, 2015

Fabulous Friday - What I'm Up To

For the past few months "busy" has had a whole new meaning. and everyone is telling me that it's only downhill from here (as far as busyness). that's not so great sounding. I should stop procrastinating.
Reading: Just finished Treasure Island. Next book is Oliver Twist.

Watching: Not a lot lately. I saw Princess Bride with (most) of my family, other than that, In Earnest. but that's ending the 14th (which means 3 more episodes. Nooooo!!)

Listening To: Hot Chelle Rae's Tonight, Tonight. Seriously my favoritest "party song" ever. But then, my partys are pretty low-key. (See below.)
It was CRAZY, man. You shoulda been there!
Wearing: Pinterest Board mimics.;)

Excited For: A friend of mine is having a costume birthday party (or something like that...), everyone comes in a pair. I'm thinking Calvin & Hobbes, Buzz & Woody, Thing 1 & Thing 2, Taylor Swift and a poster...Please, please comment with your ideas below! Also, my scout troop is having a masquerade. Yay! I'm super, super excited!!!

Shopping: When I was out in California, my friend took took me to this (I thought) local thrift store, called Plato's Closet. Seriously, if you have one near you, check it out! The one I went to was so, so amazing! And everything was super affordable. So since then I've been trying to get my mom to go to the one down in Louisville (we have THREE here in kentucky!! whoop whoop!!) Also I got a Target gift card! So now I have $75 target dollars. I think this calls for a shopping trip...

Loving: The sun. it's such a beautiful thing. Also, I miss the beach still, but what else is new? Tea is also a good thing. so is coffee. And books. Don't forget books. Also good jokes are a favorite...Movies starring Colin Firth (esp those starting with "Pride and" and ending with "Prejudice". Those are the best kind!). What else do I love? Bangles. Those are great. Perky, bouncy, awesome songs. Those are good. ;)

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