Friday, March 25, 2016

fabulous friday : finds

Well who's ready for spring?? I am so into everything colorful and happy and summery and springy and wonderful.
flowers, any kind, are kind of my absolute favorite. like, how pretty are they??
I am totally crushing this notebook. I'm so wanting to try this. I love the drawn camera with the real photo in the middle. we'll see what I come up with!
Another thing I am totally full on crushing is this peasant-style dress that is so beautiful and springy. The embroidered-dark-blue-on-white s like my favorite thing of the season. anyone know what that' style's called?
Something about art journaling: my friend got me water color pencils and I was so excited to use them and if you guessed I was good at using them and made beautiful art you would be so wrong I might laugh. If I wasn't sobbing over my bad art. But maybe I'll share them next week as I "DON'T DO WHAT I DID" post. you never know what you'll see on here. 
I saw a ferris wheel today downtown and I got really excited and tried to make my sister promise to take me this summer. because ferris wheels are some of my favorite things about summer. because ferris wheels are beautiful. I have a whole perfect board for them. I like them that much.

check it out: Round & Round in Circles

What are you loving from this season?


  1. i'm just loving the little bits of green sprouting up everywhere and small periods of warm sunshine, it's like a promise of what's to come and it makes me feel so happy! :) love that first photo!! i for one would love to see some of your art journalling, there is no good or bad, only expression :)

  2. THE BEST VIBES IM CRYING. love love love xx