Wednesday, March 23, 2016

week eleven // the good ol' days

This, my friends, is the hard work of a good eighteen-plus years. In scrapbooks. 

We moved all of the scrapbooks upstairs to the parlor (instead of the basement) and even though the lighting was horrible, I felt the need to take a picture while they were briefly spread across the room.

Over the years my mom has done various degrees of scrapbooking, but it doesn't really matter - I like looking at as many pictures or reading as many words as are on the pages. I just have a thing for scrapbooks.

I mean, histories important, especially your family's.

I like every form of holding memories - old letters, pictures, clothes, music - each one is a puzzle piece that tells your life story. and I love that.
What's your favorite way to hold memories?


  1. I scrapbook, take photos, make my vlogs and write my blog ^_^ this to me is amazing!! Your mum is a wonderful woman!

    1. you're doing a good (but time-consuming) job of documenting your life!! ...and my mom is an amazing person. ;)