Friday, March 11, 2016

fabulous friday : under a canyon moon

a list of things that are not secrets:

1. how big of a andrew mcmahon fan I am
2. how much I love road trips (and driving, in general)
3. how much I love music
4. how much joy pinterest gives me

With a road trip on the horizon, I've been collecting songs for our road tunes cd and pins from road trips. Mostly deserts and canyons. a few maps and rear view mirrors. I'm ready to travel, how 'bout you?

Sign of the Wave
Maps for the Getaway
Night Driving
road to nowhere
Sky Full of Stars
desert drive

the sun ran out on a cold october

somewhere under a canyon moon

camera jammin' a slow exposure

california in her rear view

1 comment:

  1. love the little poem :) enjoy your road trip!! i'll be looking forward to seeing the photos from it! pinterest gives me all sorts of joy too, i don't know where i'd be without it!