Friday, March 4, 2016

fabulous friday // surprise!

We're throwing a surprise party today for my sister's best friend... This little cutie, who just turned twelve. to be honest, I've never been to (or helped throw!) a surprise birthday party, so I'm excited! We'll see how it goes. Hopefully, I'll have my camera out and pictures will surface on here in a few weeks, but sometimes I just toss it aside and let the fun happen.

I'm debating where to stand when she walks in the door. behind her, so I get everyone jumping out at her? Or behind everyone else so I get her reaction?

I guess the obvious answer is facing her, but I would love a shot from behind her, too. We'll see how it pans out. I'll  probably miss the moment, whatever it is!

I'll leave you with this, though...

Cleaning up a picture & how it can make all the difference:
 Obviously, the shoes and blankets and such just distract from the picture...
 Okay, a ton, ton better, but there's still a book next to the basket and the blankets aren't a huge deal, but they are there... but worst of all (something I have to take out in post ugh) there's an ugly vent in the left corner.
SO much better.

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  1. i like the second picture best.. not too much distraction but also not show-homey :) you're seriously good at editing though! whatever suits your taste is what you should go with, though :) good luck for the surprise party! i think a shot from behind her to see the people doing the surprising would be against the "norm" and so it may be more interesting but of course there's the difficult thing of wanting to have caught her reaction! toughie!!