Tuesday, March 8, 2016

week nine : this is why we crank the dial to the right

Well, we're onto March! lovely, lovely march! Next week will be spring break, guys!! I have to friends I'm booking coffee dates with (one the week after so I can ride into school with my sister.) and a senior photo shoot, audrey hepburn style. I can't decide if I'm more worried or more excited about this.

Something I am excited about is that my dad booked a rental house in kitty hawk for the first week of may, so I'm rooting through old songs again to add to our Road Tunes 2016 cd. Suggestions are more than welcome!
monday : my mom and dad went out which is always our cue to crank the dial to the right. *coughcough if you're not already a walk the moon fan you should go be one now (like different colors and Anna Sun and work this body and lots of other goodies.) and they're from cincinnati, so what's not to like? they're basically locals.
 tuesday : This isn't the most flattering picture of me (my hair is kinda yucky looking on the end) my shirt makes me look wide and I'm not climbing in (or out) of my window, despite what it looks like. (let's not even talk about the mess my bureau is. the barnes & noble bag has a passage from Romeo & Juliet and I can't bare to get rid of it...) But this one is so much crazy I kinda like it.
wednesday : I've heard a couple people now, comment on Kentucky's sunsets and how lovely they are so I have my eye on the lookout now because who doesn't love a good sunset, am I right?

thursday : focus makes all the difference, doesn't it?
friday : she was surprised, to say the least. happy happy birthday, Elena! I hope you have the bestest year yet! ♥

What was your favorite year, growing up?


  1. what a lovely thing to do for your sisters friend! i want to know, did you take the shot from the front or from behind? ;)

    my favourite year was probably the year my parents took us on holiday the week of my birthday and on my actual birthday we went down to the beach and all my family were there to surprise me!! they'd made a four hour drive up just to see me on my birthday! ♡

    i love the messy room shot (i think you look lovely! not wide at all, you can tell the tee is baggy) the sunset and the snow :) it is amazing what focus can do! i've been thinking that lately because i took a photo of exactly the same set-up, tweaking the focus each time, and every single photo looked different!

    1. So I took it from the front because otherwise I would have had to come in the door behind her and that would have been kinda crazy and awkward, so I opted for the front (her front, everyone else's back was to me when they jumped out.) but the camera refocused on the pillow and arm of the couch and I *ahem* missed the shot. I had trouble because I was holding the phone with the video in one hand and the camera in the other, otherwise I'm pretty sure I could have gotten it. Oh, well, ya live and learn.

      That's so sweet of your family and what a blast! Such a great memory to have.

  2. OH MY WORD. your photography is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! following immediately because I'm not sure how I'm supposed to live without your photography in my life now. ^-^ also, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog xx
    ooh, that's hard. probably 2003 (when we went to disney world with our cousins and we have lots of lovely home videos from it) or 2012 (which was more recent but full of youth and summer and memories). can't wait for more posts!