Tuesday, July 14, 2015

28/52 (part one) - July 6th : Camping

So last week (Monday night - Tuesday morning) I took a little break and went camping in my friend's backyard (with some other girls she knew and I had met.) They were the sweetest bunch and I was so surprised at how much we had in common. It was seriously a beautiful night (and following morning.) One of those times you can just tell you're creating memories & so you kind of want to hold on to it. You don't want it to end, just so you can taste it a little bit more. Right now I'm listening to Shoulder to Shoulder by Rogue Valley. If you have not heard it, go give it a listen. It's definitely a song for camping at dusk.

We topped the night off with Studio C videos. I mean, but really. this is an awesome group of girls, here. They quote almost as much as my siblings and I do and it was like we have been living in the same world, without ever seeing each other and it was so weird to find someone (much less multiple people) who had so much in common with me, but weren't like,  family members or close friends...
Also, would it be weird for me to say, when camping, the blue hour is the absolute BEST??

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