Thursday, July 30, 2015

30/52 (part two) - July 25th // here comes the ... end of summer.

 I don't mean to over-do the pool pics, but last year I took so few I really wanted to up my game, because hey, the pool is a huge part of our summer, and I don't want to miss out on a great chance because I'm scared of dropping my camera in the pool (I want a new one anyway.)

Enjoy summer! It's almost over!!


  1. I love the pool pics! Is this in your yard? We've spent most of our summer at the neighborhood pool, and I've never brought my camera with me because of my fear of dropping it (and fear of other people seeing me take pictures... but that's a whole other issue), but I really want to, I feel like my pictures are missing out on a major component of our summer. Maybe I will take my old camera today.

    Hanging out at the pool during the summer is the best!

    1. thank you! Yes, it is our backyard. we have a lovely backyard (with a lot of privacy) but it's nearly impossible to keep up with the weeding! Totally, totally get insecurity about the camera, but seriously I find so few people even notice, it's just not a big deal! and the pictures you have (or don't have) forever! Who cares what a stranger thinks? (that said, I'm still totally working on that one! I haven't mustered the courage to take my camera plenty of places, so no judging here!!)

      I definitely would - I think taking your old camera is a good idea, because you'll be a lot more free with it and you'll get some great shots, even if they're not perfect quality. I've seen some good articles about underwater cameras, too, if you swim enough to make that worth it. there are some really really cool ones out there!