Thursday, July 2, 2015

26/52 (part two) - June 25th : downtown louisville

oh. my. I have been waiting all week to share this with you...So. We went to Central Park in downtown louisville to watch shakespeare. In fact, the longest running free shakespeare production (running 55 years - what??) in the country. I'd previously been to see "Abridged Shakespeare" by these three dudes who were amazing, they like totally ad libbed most of it. We still quote it, it was that good. But since this past year was my first in high school, I'd never read any shakespeare before, so hadn't gone to see anything else (though my sister do every year - sometimes more than once.) Anyway, we went to see Taming Of The Shrew. It was. So. Good. Like, everything about it was fantastic. Even the amazing smells coming from the food trucks. Even the rain at the end. Even the load planes flying over head ("What a bright moon that is." < no, really, he like...oh gosh they are so clever.) Okay, so maybe things weren't ideal, but the PLAY!!

If you ever come to louisville, please please come in the summer so you can see Shakespeare in the Park. It's worth the heat. It's worth the traffic. It's so beautiful.

Anyway, naturally they asked us to not take any photos, so here's a picture from the drive home. We definitely blared music.

What fun summer things have you been doing lately?

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