Friday, July 17, 2015

fabulous friday : what I'm up to

So, I haven't done one of these in a long time (since April, to be exact,) so I thought I'd give it another go.

reading//Tale of Two Cities (verrrrry sloooowly.)

watching//Twilight Zones. We're in season three.

listening//Just found the wonders of spotify (when grooveshark closed down a few months ago.) I absolutely love their radio stations. so.

up we go (LIGHTS)
when can I see you again? (owl city)
new constellation (toad the wet sprocket)
Sovereign Light Cafe (Keane)

wearing//lots of amazingly comfortable clothes. I really need to do a fashion post or two.

looking forward to//Fall. School starting again. (but not biology.)

shopping//guys I really really want to go to Plato's Closet...

pinning//lots and lots of photography inspiration

loving//ice tea with cream. weird, I know. but it taste like a latte. also, white chocolate raspberry iced coffee. (the dude working at the coffee shop may or may not know my order by now. okay, he definitely does, but he always pretends he doesn't and I'm like, noah, I know you recognize me. just sayin'.)

Also, funny little awkward story (two, actually:) So, first off I turned on the wrong burner at my employer's house (dude like I just babysit. employer sounds a little over-rated...) and so like it burned the inside of their muffin box and I felt kinda stupid...

But then she called me on the phone and at the end like, she was all, bye! and in my head I was saying, see you later (like that's what we always say to each other...) but instead out loud I replied to my own thought so I was like, you too. and then I was like, what?! like, right there to the phone. and then I just put my hand over my mouth and told myself to shut up to keep myself from saying anything else. it was just one of those days.

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