Friday, July 31, 2015

fabulous friday // internet finds

This week is super crazy (a family conference and family visiting and then our car's air conditioner busted and was put in the shop and so we only have one car -- which we do not all fit into -- so it's been a challenge trying to pick who's going and who's staying and who's staying all day and who's coming home and who's driving and so on and so forth. it's a lot worse than it sounds, trust me.) so I'm going light. Here are a few random things I've found on the internet in the past week-ish.

100 Vintage Travel Posters That Will Make You Want To Travel Around The World

How To Stay Productive When Working At Home

Personal Favorite Photos of the Week: This // This // This // This

Something That Really Hit Home

Photo Inspiration


  1. Sorry to hear your week hasn't been great, neither has ours. Let's hope the weekend wipes the slate for us for next week!
    Love the sunglasses and the starscape photos.

    I saw your snail mail board on pinterest, I write snail mail so if you're ever looking for a pen pal feel free to get in touch! :)

    Bobbie xo

    1. actually, despite crazy car stuff, the conference was amazing. wish you could have been there, it probably would have made your week rock! Hope this week is better! I'm looking forward to a (hopefully) good week.

      oh, I'd love to, I'm just not allowed to give my address out over the internet (sorry!)

    2. oh no that's fair enough and safest! Your parents are smart, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't let my kids give ours out either! Well I guess we could email-pal? Haha :')

      This week has been a little better! A bit slow and sleepy but nice nonetheless. I am so very behind on my posts though, although I have all the photos taken ready to get writing ^_^

    3. yeah, I definitely find the writing hardest! Taking pictures (and editing, though to a less degree) is easy, ya know? xD

      btw, on the topic of addresses, I was reading through your old posts and it just hit me like, oh, she's british. and suddenly you were a whole different person! ha! xD

      Hey, feel better soon, k? It's no fun being sick!!