Thursday, April 30, 2015

17/52 (part two) - April 25th : Senior Photos

I took my first senior photos that weren't for a sister!! I had a long saturday. After going to bed at 2:25 AM, I got up at 6:45 to drive up to Indiana with a friend (that one I'm doing the wedding with.) We went and I got to meet the bride for the wedding I'm doing. Then we checked out the church and the groom's parent's house (where we will be shooting the before photos.) Then we went out to brunch and then drove back down to louisville. Then we headed over to a mutual friend's yard sale (they're raising money for an adoption.) Then we went to this shoot. Then I went home. My siblings were watching Tintin (hmmmyeah), and I did camera research and worked on a playlist for a roadtrip. So. This was the senior. Congrats, darling! I hope the coming years are filled with laughter, good friends, awesome music, and fun road trips! and I pray that that each step will lead you closer to God!

 She had just gotten the cutest puppies and they were so curious! They got us all muddy and wet, but they were darling!! ♥

Naturally, I did take photos of her face, but since she did not give me permission to share (I was too shy to ask), I'll leave that to your imagination. She's very pretty, though!! (:

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