Tuesday, April 21, 2015

16/52 (part one) - April 17th : Camping

We went camping again. After rushing around (like running to the store for twix and chocolate and kit-kats), filling out medical & permission forms, packing and unpacking and repacking, we left. and we got fifteen minutes into the drive and my mom realized we didn't have my littlest sister (who was supposed to ride along with us, my sister and I didn't know that.), oh, yeah and those medical forms? Forgot those, too. But we got there. A half hour early. Because we thought it started at 6:00 and it actually started at 6:30. Live and learn.
So like the photographer I am, I ran around taking photos. My sister sat and read. (And can I just pause a moment to say that is one of the best sentences ever to describe my sister...Okay. Yes. Moving on.)

This photo makes me happy. It reminds me of Liz's photos. I aspire to be her. Really, I do. Well, take her photos anyway. She has the sweetest, down-to-earthest photos basically ever. Ah, life. Beautiful, isn't it? But seriously, please check her out: Whippetmom Snaps

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