Thursday, April 2, 2015

13/52 (part two) - March 28th : Beautiful, beautiful spring!

First of all, can I tell a little story? Okay.

So, a few months ago I noticed a Baskin Robin's coming about fifteen minutes from us (yesyesyes). I mean, I like ice cream, but I really really love 31-cent-scoop-night!! Well, I thought 31 cent scoop night was the last day of May (that would make sense, right? it's like SUMMER!), but no. Actually, this year, it's March 31st. Like, as in, two days ago. So, my sister had agreed to take us over there when it came around. I was so thrilled.

Well, guess what? Our beloved 31-cent-scoop-night was changed. CHANGED. it turned into 31-scoop-night. But wait. There's something missing! That's right. The price has gone up. It's a FREAKING DOLLAR AND THIRTY ONE CENTS PER SCOOP!!! What?!? My childhood may just be gone...
 Yes, we're reading tintin again. ;)

The golden hour is MAGICAL. Especially down by the creek. Love-ly!

I cannot do justice to the sunset. But, really, it was so gorgeous. I wish you had been there to enjoy it with me!! (:
This picture is a little (lotta?) bit like a picture I took when I first got a camera. Like, it started off with just random picture taking and then one day I reached a turning point and got this picture that I really liked...Anyway, that picture I then promptly lost. UNTIL NOW (update sept 1st 2015)!! I FOUND IT. Feast your eyes.

I know it does look rather dirty, but honestly, in spring, this is one of my happy places. It's so calm and peaceful, and nature-y. I take a book (Pictures Of Hollis Woods) and a chair and maybe a glass of ice tea and I'm totally set for the afternoon. Feel free to drop by sometime. I will totally entertain you!!! (:

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