Friday, April 17, 2015

Fabulous Friday - Friendship Bracelets Faves

Who says you need a friend to give you a friendship bracelet? Heck, who says you need a friend to *make* friendship bracelets?? I mean, look at me. I have no friends & I'm awesome at making friendship bracelets. Maybe it's my obsession that drives people away.

Haters Gonna Hate.

Well, I thought while we were on the topic of friendship bracelets, I'd share some of my favorite tutorials! So here they are. My favorite tutorials.
This is how I roll when it gets too cold to do anything (besides make friendship bracelets, that is.) So most of these I made in the cold months of february, but it doesn't really matter when I made them. I really made them for this upcoming summer because who does associate friendship bracelets with summer? (Can I see a show of hands, on this one?)

Braided Irish Linen Wrap Bracelet  (Say that three times fast!)

Take Your Friendship Bracelets to the Next Level (quickly, too!)

Woven Friendship Bracelet

Fishtail Bracelet (fast, fast, fast!!)

A personal favorite (oh, wait...): Crochet Wrap

...And the Classic!

Anyone else off to Old Navy to buy the annual pair of flip-flops? (or is that maybe an exclusive My-Family-Tradition sorta thing?) Here's to an awesome 2015 WS (I'm gonna say an American League Team -- Preferably the Red Sox -- vs. A National League team. Anyone wanna place bets?)

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