Thursday, January 15, 2015

2/52 (part two) - January 10th : Trees.

So my (second oldest) sister got her drivers license Monday, the forth.

And on Saturday we went shopping (she's not a shopper, but she needed stuff, and I am a shopper, so like the nice sister I am I agreed to go along). Like, just us two. I can't tell you how grown up I felt (very grown up). We walked into stores and people didn't ask me where my mom was (they've actually done that for years. Not ask me, that is), and we could like get samples from Costco without them asking if I had parents permission (they haven't done that in years, either, and we didn't go to costco. Stick with me.). But I don't wear makeup, and I'm not that old, and I think of myself as a teenager, but not a Teenager. Like, I don't have a phone, or an iPod, or a laptop. Actually, all I have is a camera, and it's not even like something that fancy. Which is cool with me. Honestly, it is. I am who I am and I like what I like and of course I'm not "normal". Who is? But seriously, I was like, "omgosh I'm like a TEENAGER! They probably think I can drive (hahahaha come on, lemme dream)!!" It was so wonderful. WE TOTALLY HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN, JESS!!

The best worst part was that I didn't pick up my camera except on the way home (my sister was super happy about that). So, here's a tree. It's got a darling little cemetery with less than ten gravestones. I promise I will go there one day and visit those graves. I believe they're from like the early 1900 or something. But maybe that's a dream inside my head.

Anyway, It will always remind me of the grown up feelingness I'm having more and more these days. I'm loving being fifteen!! <3

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