Tuesday, January 20, 2015

3/52 (part one) - January 13th : Branches

So, like, I've started walking around our block (it's a mile. Perfect, right?) with some of my sisters. I took my camera out the first time. haha, won't be doing that again. It's too cold to take pictures, and it just got in the way. Anyway, I'm trying to fulfill my goal of getting outside more (in winter, in specific, because it's so hard to get outside.) So far I'm really enjoying it. The layers of clothing are hard, but totally worth it!!

I also have some super exciting news that I probably shouldn't share til friday, but here it is anyway: I was asked to be an assistant photographer for a wedding. A WEDDING. This is seriously super scary. I've never been paid for any of my work before, and a WEDDING?? Of course I'm only an assistant, but that's still a little frightening to me. My friend said that she was doing a couple shots (a newborn, two seniors and an engagement, I believe) in between now and the wedding (in June), so I'm going with her to those. I've worked with her before and like she said, our styles compliment each other, but it's still scary to me. I haven't said I'll do it. yet.

I'm going to think worry about it some more before I say yes. 

Any tips?

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