Friday, June 24, 2016

fabulous friday // link it up

It's been a last minute dash to get some photos this week, because I cannot believe how few times I've actually picked up my camera. I actually completely left it at home for the Reds game last night (where we rapped Fresh Prince and danced on the jumbo tron. what can I say? Zumba's really payed off for a wanna-be-can't-be dancer! ha.) I missed all of VBS, too.

So I'm going for something here, from Rosi at Everyday Joy: Thirty-One Days of Summer

Ready? Go!

and some interesting articles I've found.

Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People

Somewhere to start with cleaning up your life: 30-day minimalism

Setting goals you can make in Photography (and why you should!)

self-portraits from clickin' moms

oh joy oh delight oh glory... 5 steps to producing a powerful photography series! Yes, PLEASE!

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  1. thanks for sharing those links, they're so useful!!
    I'm going to do the photo every day of July too so will be following along :)

    this is a great read if you're interested in this type of photography