Tuesday, June 7, 2016

week twenty-two . hammock

I know I wrote some poetry weeks ago about the hammock, but, but... the hammock is so cool how could I stay away??

...well, I guess the big "but" was that I wasn't in them. I think one place or another we've all read that we need to step in front of the camera more. Sure, it's awkward, but asking everyone to pose was awkward one time, too (let's be honest, it's still awkward for me. That's why I'm not going into business.) Ordering pictures a few months ago for my scrapbook made me realize how few pictures there were of me. I had done so much in 2015 - more than any other year in all of my (now) sixteen years of life - and I had pictures of everything but my face

So, guys I'm pretty excited that I stepped up my game and got in front of the camera. Sure, it was a little bit awkward, but I did it and I'm really excited I did... (okay, also the pictures were not the dream I had in mind, but again... I did it, so it's cool.) 

It was really the perfect prop that I needed.

and a big shout out to Jen, who has an awesome blog and is always stepping in front of the camera. Seriously, go check her out, because she totally inspires me. (maybe when I grow up to be her age I can morph into her.)

Then a little someone joined me to snuggle and then promptly fall asleep. Oh, well. She is a doll.

I'm working on finishing up my summer playlists -- one for the days and one for nights. and I really don't think I need to say I love new music so, please, do not hesitate to to tell me every single song that reminds you of summer. 


  1. you're beautiful, i love these!! and she is so sweet :)

  2. Getting in front of the camera is always awkward for me too. I'm glad you conquered it! You seemed so relaxed in that hammock. Oh, how I wish we had a backyard for a hammock.

    Hope all is well!

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer