Friday, June 10, 2016

fabulous friday // another week

this week was one of those weeks. I'm not going to give a long rundown list of all the things that went wrong this week, but do a little mental experiment here and imagine every single thing in your house that needs like electricity or a battery or something and probably that broke down this week...

okay, no, I'm totally kidding.

but something awesome... after being all debbie-downer about not getting a summer job and then ha ha ha jokes on me I got a call and had an interview, and, well, things went a lot weller then I expected them to.

But, it was a crazy busy week (every year has one!) so here are some highlights to check out:

+ Photographing Siblings: get all the kids in the picture (great article from clickin' moms)

+ I deleted over 500 pins this week, because my pinterest was getting bogged down... I feel so freeee

+ I am so stoked about Edgar Allan Poe's Murder Mystery Dinner Party (say that three times fast!)

+ Pumped about Un-Fancy's summer series. bring it, summer!

+ oh, yeah, and check out my newest board because it is fantastic: for Summer 

Stay tuned for some camping photos (sleeping in the hammock is first rate, guys. beats a tent any day! Talk about the great outdoors!)

and one last thing: tell me about a crazy summer adventure you had. (or actually any-time-of-year-adventure you had!)


  1. I love that photo!! The black and white is perfect ♡

    Do you know if you have the job yet?
    I've been trying to thin out and organise my pinterest too! It's a long job..

    I once camped in the woods with friends, stayed up most of the night, drank (probably shouldn't have..although I was of age to), danced and ate marshmallows. woke up in the morning and ate an english breakfast-in-a-can cooked over a campfire...ooh er... then walked for miles and miles trying to find home, just using street signs and my very limited (and vague) knowledge of the area and my rubbish sense of direction, tried to hitch-hike with no luck and eventually made it home late afternoon/early evening with sore feet but a happy heart!!

    It sounds awful and it was pretty tough-going but it was awesome!! a memory I hope I never forget!

    1. Right now it's only pending on a drug test and then training starts!

      Did you know you can batch delete? click "move pins" on the right hand corner of the board and then select up to fifty pins and hit delete. it's so much easier!!

      That sounds like the most fun and quite an adventure! The worst memories sometimes turn into the best, ya know? ;D