Tuesday, June 21, 2016

week twenty-four . celebration!

It was birthday chaos at our house! Cue the celebrations!! we had three ice cream sundae bars, two hershey bar pies, a flourless chocolate cake (gahh so good,) and tiramisu. my littlest sister turned three so she didn't get desert, but still, five birthdays in two and half weeks is nothing to scoff at!

We're having quite an active summer (some things are fun: like swimming and ice cream and cold coffee and baseball games and birthdays and classes at the library and VBS and the Y and some things are not so fun: like life guard duty in the hot sun and running out of cold coffee and the home team losing and headaches from the sweets and cars in the shop and if I keep thinking about the warriors losing I might cry and I didn't pick up my camera at all this past week... oh, well, once, I did. just once.) Summer always feels too short, it doesn't really matter how long or short it is... I'm trying to think about how far I've come and tell myself it's going to be over so so soon, so enjoy it! but I don't really think it's working. Tips, anyone?
Well, this post by beth-a-dilly is got me all super inspired: summer photography: 10 photos you must take.

So now I'm off to bed to read Count of Monte Cristo and all those books I checked out from the library. Stacey London Fashion? Here I come!

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