Friday, April 15, 2016

fabulous friday // restart for 2016

Things over here have been a little crazy since I posted about how we were going to transfer pictures to a new computer (which also involves mass deleting. see ya later (read: never again) little suckas. nice knowin' ya.) I said I might be taking it easy for the next while or so (maybe til april, maybe not.) but the show must go on, so I tried to keep delivering two blog posts a week.

Before that post I had regularly been posting a weekly update with (give or take) five pictures, one from every school day, and a fabulous friday. 

After that post, some of you might have noticed my weekly posts consisted of a series of pictures from the same photo shoot. What happened there? 

To be honest, I stopped taking pictures. Not completely, but I'm down to photo shoot a week. I don't take a picture a day anymore. and haven't, for the past few weeks. I've really only picked up my camera once or twice a week.

and I don't know if you can tell, maybe it's all in my mind, but I feel it's made my pictures lately have take a huge turn for the better. It was exhausting taking a picture (almost) every day and when I looked back on the week, there wasn't anything I was particularly happy with. Nothing I dislike, maybe, but nothing that made my heart sing, either. 

that said, not every photo since has made my heart sing, either. But two things: ones is, I'm learning to delete. big time delete. if I don't like it, if it's out-of-focus, if it's cutting people's head's off, delete it. Unless it's the only picture left of Grandma (and with cameras in everyone's hand 24/7, you'd better believe it's not.) it can go. Really. let go. and secondly, something I've realized along that road was that I'm much more of a multiple photos kinda gal. When I take a series, it feels complete... and then, if I want, I can choose one or two photos that really speak to me from that series, but I'm not a take-one-shot-be-done photographer. 

So I guess that files me under "Over-Shooter."

But I guess I don't mind.


  1. It is exhausting sometimes taking a picture a day...sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves :)

  2. and so you shouldn't mind! i'd rather be an overshooter than not take enough and regret missing moments. i've struggled recently with keeping up with my 365, since we've had some sad days recently where i haven't felt like picking up my camera, and i think my photos reflect that. i'm not sure if i'm going to continue with it this year or leave it now and try again next year.. i'm not sure yet. i don't want to seem like i can't stick at anything and don't have any dedication but i also don't want to become substandard either.. i really love the above photo of your brother :)

  3. A few years ago I tried taking a photo a day as well and I feel like, instead of encouraging myself to get more practice, I just ended up forcing myself to take photos that didn't have any meaning or purpose to them. I think there's a difference in making an effort to shoot more and shooting just for the purpose of shooting, which I came to terms with.

    And hey, nothing wrong with being an over-shooter, better than missing a moment. But letting go is always the hardest; then again, a year from now you're not going to miss those out of focus shots or even remember them, haha. We're all so spoiled these days with digital photography and unlimited shots. :P