Friday, April 22, 2016

fabulous friday // what I'm up to

*quick note: I'm leaning against my closet door, not my bedroom door. My bedroom door is perpendicular to my left shoulder. If that still doesn't make sense, THIS post might help.*
reading // just finished Walk Two Moons (I cried.) and The Hot Zone  also obviously Robert Frost and his beautiful poetry. Next up for literature is Hope Was Here and Alas Babylon.

watching// Meet Me in St Louis. (quirkiest movie ever, I swear!) also rewatching Lizzie Bennet Diaries every tuesday and saturday (along with the days they came out four years ago, can you believe it?)

listening// Brand New, Ben Rector. Aquaman & Anna Sun, Walk the Moon. anything Andrew Mcmahon. Amazing Day, Army of One, and Head Full of Dreams by coldplay (because they are my faaaavoriiite.)

wearing// Awesome, wonderful workout clothes. I got these super-duper yoga pants and I've barely taken them off all dang week they're that comfortable! Also trying to break in a new pair of flip flops and my tennis shoes at the same time... life is hard, man.

looking forward to// that vacation I've been talking about non-stop for the past few weeks... yeah. so, that's happening. ;)

pinning// whoop, whoop! another milestone reached: 1k followers!!'s making me a little bit sad, though, because it's just a measly little "one". I'm looking forward to when it at least says something like "1.5k" currently finding friendship bracelet tutorials to make on our 10 hour drive. Love THESE, beaded bracelets (HERE and HERE) and cord and embroidery floss bracelets (HERE and HERE.)

loving// Target. Also books. and clothes. BASEBALL. art journaling, especially dried flowers... post on that in just a few weeks!

What have you been up to lately?


  1. OOOH journaling with dried flowers???? I think that actually sounds like heaven. can't wait for the post!!!! just followed you on pinterest!!! and dude 1k, congratulations! this is lovely. I absolutely adore your photography and ps I feel like my room looks exactly like that 97% of the time.

  2. haha before i saw Olivia's comment i was about to say "ooooh art journaling with dried flowers!!" can't wait for that post! :D