Tuesday, April 19, 2016

week fifteen // hammock

Hammocks and I go way back... Like, my dad, before I was even born, spent a summer in mexico and slept in a hammock the whole time (we still have it. In fact, we dragged it up from the basement the other day.)

About a year ago, I went on a backpacking camping trip (five miles has never seemed SO LONG) and the scout leader and her daughter slept in hammocks like pros... and then I went to a retreat and some of the girls there had hammocks that were ay-mazing... and then of course, abbey from abbey deerest is rave about hers... and we all know I might secretly aspire to be her.

So naturally, when some friends at scouts mentioned that they had 'em at costco, I jumped at the chance and had one within days.

And it's beautiful.

*last four photos taken by my younger sister, Elee*
What are you loving this season? (please tell me it's a hammock!)

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