Friday, April 29, 2016

fabulous friday // road tunes (best of)

One of my favoritest parts of a road trip is the music. Every trip my dad burns a cd with a hundred plus songs to listen to as we drive. The first cd we have from this tradition is from 2004 and they continue only missing two years (2008 and 2014, when we didn't go on a road trip,) up until, well, now.

In years past we didn't stream a ton of music on our own, and then by the time we did, we didn't have a ton of new music. But a few years ago, thanks to grooveshark, we started to explore more music for ourselves (probably around 2010, which is when I remember hearing about Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber for the first time - crazy, right??) and making our own lists of songs we wanted on the next road tunes cd. So while it's become a kinda family thing, my dad doesn't tell us what ends up making the final cut (though most of requests do) so it's always a little bit of an exciting surprise on the way there!

So here are some of my favorite songs to drive to that you should definitely get for your next road trip. Trust me, it will make it that much better!

Where the Streets Have No Name - U2

Mountain Laurels - Rogue Valley

Leaving California - Maroon 5

America - Simon & Garfunkel

Book of Days - Enya

Graceland - Paul Simon

Maps - Hey Ocean!

Love is on the Radio - McFly

All Over the World - ELO

So Young - the Corrs

Scenic Route - Lost Dogs

Driving Through a Dream - Andrew Mcmahon in the wilderness

Moon River - Audrey Hepburn (obviously the classic, but whatever version floats your boat.)

What are your must-have tunes for the road?


  1. copying and pasting these in a document so I can look them all up later ;) I really like Kodaline. I just discovered them recently :) Thanks for all the suggestions!

  2. Thanks for sharing :) I love to listen to U2 but also 'the xx' when I'm travelling :)