Tuesday, April 26, 2016

week sixteen // messy hair don't care

Last week was kinda a messy-hair-don't-care week... a long, crazy week. I made so many to-do lists (which were all extremely repetitious) along with a calendar and a mini to-do list for each day. I could have done better, I guess, but most of the jobs I left are the fun, easy ones anyway (packing, finishing my first art journal of the year - four pages left! - finishing menus + shopping lists, a few birthday scrapbook pags) plus, obviously deep cleaning the house (and car!) before we go. But isn't work so, so much better when you have a reward to look forward to? 

On Tuesday I read Walk Two Moons in the hammock, in my bathing suit, (somewhat) dripping wet, while the sun went down, and cried over it a little bit. It was one of those kinda magical stories that's so tragic it makes you happy. I didn't take a picture to remember it, but it's all in my mind and it'll stay there maybe enhanced a little by imagination.

On monday the pool was so nice and clear and beautiful we all stuck our feet in it and some even changed into swim suits to play in the sprinkler...
(photo credit to my sister, Elee.) 
I know is this kinda gross and maybe if I'd been there I would have told them not to do it, but when you're their age common sense is sometimes not as strong as it should be... Besides, ya gotta live a little.
So then on Tuesday we really *did* go in... I really cannot tell you how happy we all are to have the pool looking so blue and cheerful and happy and oh, who's ready for school to end and summer adventures to begin? *raises hand*
Songs for the week: Head Full of Dreams & Army of One by Coldplay... is it just me or is "lasso the moon" a reference to It's A Wonderful Life? It's not like they'd be the first British band to pull that trick...

and last but not least, some of my flower inspiration from my Pinterest board. gotta love spring! ♥

(and a note to some awesome readers who left awesome comments with lots of excitement: the dried flowers post is still very early in the production stage and not even in my drafts yet, but it is coming!)


  1. hehe will be looking forward to that post on the dried flowers journalling! love these pictures, they're so bright and cheerful! your weather looks amazing!! we've actually had a bit of nice weather here but not warm enough for bathing suits, that's for sure!

    my fave is the pic of the pool with that arm in the left, love that :)

    1. It definitely didn't turn out the way I'd envisioned it, but I kinda like it - Since I finished my first art journal of the year (I have three, one for every four months) I might also do a recap of that, but then, already most of my drafts are art journals, so we'll see. ;P

    2. i'd love to see that and i'm sure others would too :D

  2. You take such gorgeous pictures! So happy. That water is so blue.



  3. I can't wait to swim either! ;D Let's do it together sometime again!

    1. Yes yes lets! I'm leaving today so it'll be a while before I get back to your email, but it was so awesome! thank you so much!! (also, want a postcard? If we do any touristy things I'll grab you one!)

  4. Hey, sure i'd love one!! Have a great time with your family, girl! :)