Wednesday, August 3, 2016

week thirty : mostly shakespeare and a little bit of everything else

I had a busy week. I didn't take pictures on a lot of days. I had a lot of headaches. and a lot of smoothies. I didn't wash my hair as often as I should have and I was cranky.

That week is behind me now. so thank goodness for that.

 day twenty-five : love the harsh contrast and the blue blue sky when the sun has just set.
day twenty-sixth : I'm thankful for little siblings who make badly wrapped presents acceptable (and please note the six-year-old's streamers!). happy birthday, mom. xD
day twenty-seventh: omlet with bacon, goat cheese, and chives (tomatoes are also a good option) with ice tea... in beautiful light. ♥
 day twenty-eight : plugging away at oscar wilde or maybe it's shakespeare? suddenly I can't tell if I'm reading shakespeare or oscar wilde ???
day twenty-nine : romeo and juliet coloring page. I am anything but good at coloring. I have done I think four pages of my Rip Van Winkle coloring book.

and that came with the like 8th grade curriculum. awks for me.

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