Tuesday, August 9, 2016

fabulous friday . that long and winding road

I don't know what the title has to do with really any of this post but I like the song. and here's a road picture to go along with it. (photo credit: santa cruz mountains for being beautiful.)

and another thing... this was supposed to be posted friday. but I'm never on time with posts. so it was written and ready to go, but just sitting in drafts. fun stuff...

I need to give a quick update, that isn't a total update, more of a putting all the puzzle pieces of bits of news I've shared here together, so you get what I'm going to say.

So. my oldest sister took a three-ish, four-ish week trip to CA. Less than a week later (also, today) she took off with my older sister and mom for a wedding in Michigan (which means this girl's got the kitchen, uh huh!). Then the day after they get back my older sister is taking an east coast trip with a friend of ours for like two weeks or something. I'm not sure of which day it is but within two or three days of getting back (going either way. dates have been switched up a lot) we have company of five for a week or so.

and somewhere in there I'm starting my junior year of school. and working three + afternoons/mornings a week.

I'm excited about it all. I really am. I love things being crazy.

but I haven't had a friday at home this summer yet. and I feel slightly bad about that.

When the school year starts I'm going to tone it down, but it'll still be running. I'm going to work on video editing and scrapbook pages (I hadn't finished march's birthdays yet!) and art journaling and maybe some writing. and I'll still be getting up early but I won't have time for spontaneous naps like I have had all summer... which means earlier bed times.

Which means cutting out the things I enjoy doing at night.

Which means blog posts.

I'll keep posting, but not as frequently. and I will definitely keep up with all the lovely blogs I've been following.

but guys, wherever this place ends up, thank you for following along. I've gotten so many fun comments. so many sweet comments. so many inspiring comments. so many encouraging comments. you guys are seriously the best.

for now... until next time!


  1. oh no! i'll miss your posts ♡ it's a good idea to take more time though, and getting decent sleep is super important. i'll look forward to the rare posts you do manage to get done. scrapbooking and art journaling sound wonderful. i'd love to see what you do with them! (as long as it's not too personal)
    sounds like you all are incredibly busy!!! i'm taking summer out to chill at home with the boys, we were doing too much and burnt out.
    good luck with the job and with school :)
    you're an incredible fifteen (? 16?) year-old with a special way of looking at things, keep that. don't let anyone change who you are ♡♡♡♡

  2. It's an amazing thing to keep so busy with doing crazy adventurous things and just living life (and not blogging about it), so big kudos to you! There's always other ways to stay in touch, right? YOU GO GIRL and go be spontaneous and work your butt off, you champ.