Friday, November 20, 2015

fabulous friday // miscellaneous {gathered} thoughts

In preparation of writing this post, I headed over to pinterest, thinking maybe I'd do a update on fun things from pinterest/around the interweb... To look at my pins is all fine and dandy, but more often I find that I click on my likes to see what's up, instead.
Well, something you should know is that my likes are a little bit like drafts or my pinterest queue - things I'm going to pin but haven't yet (usually due to an abundance of those types of pins and wanting a little more variety, sometimes due to being the wrong season.) But sometimes I have pins that I like - like, really like - but just don't totally fit with the rest of my pinterest persona/boards. So sometimes they just sit, for me to see, to read, watch... and while I was scrolling through my feed I was asking myself what I wanted this blog post to be about and the thought popped into my head, well, life has been pretty good lately. hard as heck, sure, but right now, it's okay, right? and I was kinda thinking about those together. If someone asked me right now, I would honestly tell them, life is good. and that's totally true -- but a couple other billion people could say that right now and not one other person is going through the same stuff I am... So I guess there's more to it than that... Which brings me -- unceremoniously *snicker -- to my more or less point...

Sometimes to find out how life is you have to look at what wasn't said, rather than what was.

Possibly one of my favorite songs right now is Andrew Mcmahon's song All Our Lives. The song is seriously so pretty, but I guess it's really that there's this one verse (below) that touches me right in the feels...

I thought if I could tell her something
I would tell her this
there's only two mistakes that I have made
Is running from the people who could love me best
and trying to fix the world that I can't change

Note to self: be wise when picking friends... and not just when to let go, but also when to hold on... also, whatever your parents warn you/advice you about who to hang with... Just listen to them -- in the end, they can see farther than you can.

for a fun thing for any photographer out there: Tips for Outdoor Photography (but mostly for the graphic yuss)

and I'm sure I've shared this before, but here's something nice from pinterest...

and one last thing? Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. sounds like you've had some sort of fallout or lost a friend. just want to say, i've been there. many times. no matter how nice i try to be, people seem to always distance themselves from me. i loved this post, the randomness and vagueness just gets me. glad to hear life is good for you right now, mine is kind of too, on paper anyway. got some emotional stuff to sort out but for the most part, life is good :)

    i'm bobbie by the way, we've spoken before. new account. had some stalker issues.

    1. Oh, yay! I'm so glad your back!! I was starting to worry!! Glad you guys are doing (more or less) okay!! Sorry about those issues, but I'm so so happy you're back!! :D

      thank you so much.