Thursday, November 5, 2015

43/52 (part two) - October 31st // "studying"

yeah, so we've never done halloween, so we hunkered down in our basement and watched a(n extremely cheesy & supposedly scary) movie from the 50s. We had seen it years and years ago, back in san jose, and I remember liking it... but then, I wasn't even in double digits, so pfft to that.

what the movie was lacking in plot we made up with commentary. I swear we could have our own tv show.

But anyway, saturday afternoon found my sister and me studying downtown. We even got a comment on us being good kids and we were like haha, yeah, no we've only been talking.

My sister was trying to memorize the somethings of something else in chemistry and had me hold up her flash cards... She was having the most trouble with whether they were positive or not, so I made a sad face or a happy face and the barista was totally laughing at us. oh, well. it was a nice laughing. I think.

Have an awesome mid-week guys!! and hey, tell me something crazy from this week, I need hear it.
(also congrats to the royals! You earned it!!)

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