Monday, January 9, 2017

starting 2017. so many thoughts, not enough space.

I'm sure I've mentioned before how jumbled my thoughts get. I have trouble organizing them all and then sometimes one thought fits into three different categories and which do I file it under?

I tried to write a post with my fifty favorite photos from 2016 but I hit a huge road block.

that road block was simply; I didn't like fifty photos that I took in 2016.

My goal for 2016 was to photograph more of my family - specifically faces, specifically for the grandparent's calendar - and I missed really taking photos for the art. I missed having great light. I missed taking time to evaluate the shot.

Sure, I got some pictures I really liked this year. No joke. Some great vibes. But my overall feeling coming off 2016 was not one of, wow, look at this art I found, created, made, love. but, well, I got the shot. Kind of...?

It is winter, though, and one of the lessons I've learned is: DON'T LISTEN TO YOURSELF IN WINTER. you're not yourself in winter and you think weird thoughts and dream weird dreams and get discouraged and hate photography and always seem to wake up with a headache and no inspiration.

Winter is like the season of dirty hair and too many unwashed dishes and not enough daylight or coffee or sandals.

I hate winter with a passion. Maybe because I can never get warm enough and my hair is always static-y and I don't like the scenery and whyyy must the sun go down so early?

I've never seen a pair of boots I loved. I've never really seen a coat I've loved. So even the simple act of getting dressed to go out is uninspiring.

So. #goals.

- take more photos I love
- take one security shot for the calendar and then forget it and let your creative juice flow
- MORE deleting. one picture a day, unless I decide it's a series. that is my rule and I'm sticking to it. (hahahaha already failed. day one.)

and I'll have more as the year goes on, but I'm queen of the, "let's  make 10,000 unreachable goals because it's the new year!!!!" and halfheartedly finishing two goals that weren't even on my Official New Years Resolutions List and it's usually like 1) I finished the school year and 2) I got all my thank-you notes written from christmas.

Have an amazing new year (I know I'm a week late)! Tell me about your goals and stay tuned for last week's pictures!!!

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  1. Hi Lottie!

    I love your description and venting about winter. Spring is my favorite and living in Southern California, I feel that our summers are just unbelievably hot!

    Don't worry, you'll make more great photos this year! I'm sure you will and looking forward to seeing them. I have a few photography resolutions/goals myself. I hope 2017 is going well so far (even if it's still winter), and wishing you a happy new year!

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer: Photography Resolutions