Tuesday, January 17, 2017

week two : after that high

yep, I hit it. I was like, dis gon be goooooood, and it was, and it will be, but this week was not full of pictures that made me swoon.

and guys I have a question, because I have a dilemma. So, I take a picture for project 365, and I don't really like it. but I edit it so I can post it... but I don't really want it. what do I do? Am I allowed to delete it? But that takes away from the quality (I honestly did that in 2013 and it sucked.) But otherwise, these pictures are going to sit on my hard drive with no value for me, so I'm lost.

I know the ultimate answer is: take a good picture the first time! ...but that doesn't help me now that I'm already in this fix.

please send help.
 day eight : sleepy sunday afternoon before the evening service
 day nine : oh. my. gosh. talk about being ripped apart. I haven't felt this level of fictional-despair since I read like A Separate Peace. or watched West Side Story. I forgot how good it felt. xP
day ten : I chopped off a lot of my hair and it felt so good I want to grow it out again, just so I can cut it off again, and I'm not even kidding. haircuts are my new favorite thing.
day eleven : soo, we had yet another power outage. it's started to be this little tuesday tradition in 2017. honestly, I haven't spent an 8:00 on tuesday in the light yet in 2017. There is something seriously wrong here. all that to say, the blue light gave me a headache, so all the planning I was doing had to wait until wednesday night. hence the late night. because I'm much more of a count-my-days-by-when-I-go-to-sleep gal, I'd say it still counts. even if it was technically thursday morning.

day twelve : my parents went up to Michigan to pick up my sister's car and we had such a wild party, we wiped out my brother before 8 o'clock. (trust me, this is an unheard of rarity... But once he crashes, he crashes hard.)
 day thirteen : heading off to a birthday party.
day fourteen : I know this is not an appetizing picture. I spent all day (all-all day - from 7:30 to 4:00, when I got off work,) at the Y (where pictures are a no-go. I know; remind me why I work there again?) So by the time I got home, I just wanted to eat and lounge on the couch. So this is what my it's-about-to-get-dark-so-I-gotta-grab-the-camera-but-right-now-all-I-can-think-about-is-food looks like.

how was your week?

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