Thursday, August 6, 2015

31/52 (part two) - August 1st // I'd like to make myself believe...

so last week we went outside and ran all over the yard where the fireflies are thickest. I've delayed taking pictures of fireflies because it's so dang dark by the time they finally make an appearance. But I was pretty inspired by Abbey's post, so I gave it a go. Man, though, low lighting is hard!

Fireflies | First Days Of Summer

Most of the real firefly catching consisted of this:
 Or this. (it's a bat. they were swoopy and scary to me, but okay)
 Or this cutey...
 she was like chill with them until they flew and then she'd freak. adorable, isn't it? xD

 Also we found a blue jay feather so how cool is that?? (:

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