Tuesday, February 7, 2017

week four. good BYE, January.

hint, hint: I'm not even sorry to see you go.

no, take that back. you guys all know I hate january with a passion. But. there is a small, tiny something in me that's always sad that it's over. More, I think, that we've finished the first month of the year, than that we've finished January. (there's a big difference there.) it's like the month (and motivation) of "IT'S A NEW YEAR" is done and gone are all the "GET YOUR NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS DONE THIS YEAR" blog posts and all that's left in it's wake are "what to get your soul mate for valentines day."

Rolls eyes.

No, sorry, I'm getting carried away.

Point: yay. january's done. also, it's feburary.

once a very wise person (also, very sad person. I don't know if that's causation. just puttin' it out there.) said, "February is the shortest month of the year, so if you're having a miserable month, try to schedule it for february."

*wipes tear

truer words were never spoken.

To me, February, in some ways, feels like the real start of the year, because it's like the first serious month of the year where you actually have to get down to the day-to-day grind without the romantic idealism that january brings (which is maybe ironic, I'm not really sure.) In that way, I find I almost hate february more than january.

maybe I'm just a hater. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
 day twenty-two : fairy house... tell me you didn't make a fairy house when you were a kid... once we even tricked my younger sister and her friend into thinking that all the little flowers on this one tree were actually fairies. It was never clear if they actually believed us or if they just humored us. It may have been some of both.
 day twenty-three : we had three sisters spend the week (monday, wednesday, and thursday afternoon, to be fair.) while their mom took a class. It was a week filled with sippy cups and pretzel bags.
 day twenty-four : when it's nice outside we spend the day outside because winter is a sucky time.
day twenty-five : I'm gonna be completely honest here on two things: 1.) I woke up like this, and I don't think anyone has any trouble doubting that with that lovely hair (it always does that!) 2.) I rarely wake up like this...

because I get out of bed wayyyy before the sun is up (jk, I watch it rise on the way) to go to the gym to run.

So, actually, it's a total luxury to sleep in. which I did on wednesday.

(read it audrey hepburn voice:) it was wouuuuuunderful.

and take it from a girl who used to always sleep in til like ten: it feels so good to get up early.
day twenty-six : hang out session turned tattoo parlor. (note: we didn't have henna so the natural substitute is sharpie.)
day twenty-seven : rubik's cubes have become a kinda new obsession for me. I have no revolutionary thoughts about them, except once when I came up with the idea that like it would be awesome if there was a site you could enter what you had and it would tell you how to solve that.

"yeah, they have that." thanks, mom.

In closing, I know I'm having trouble staying on time with blog posts.

But I recently saw a post somewhere that said, instead of apologizing say thanks. thanks for waiting for me. thanks for caring. instead of sorry for not showing up.

so thank you for reading.

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  1. I miss you, how are you doing?

    I used to be Bobbie/Robyn on here, two boys Elliot and Isaac :)