Friday, February 3, 2017

post-processing questions

I need help editing this picture. It's totally different from really anything I've done before.

I rarely stray from my usual editing technique, but this picture calls for something a little extra.

Some pictures don't fully capture moments, but when you play around with it in the editor they turn into something much more magical. (a much more magical moment. how's that for cheesy?) Make it black and white and it conveys something completely different then when it's left in color. remove a distraction (that's true to life, but not true to your memory of it.) Or maybe you just crop and take out unnecessary distraction. Focus the viewer's attention. Use the rule of thirds or center the subject.

Point being: We hold the power of making an image, even after we press the shutter.
So I took this picture. and honestly, not all thaaaat impressive (the one at the top, in color.). On the camera screen, especially, you can barely see the girl at the top of the hill and I almost deleted it.

But here's my deal. I have trouble with having a vision for what I want the picture to be. I can put words to the vibe (the girl at the top of the hill standing for hope and change and the girl running from dark and loneliness and danger, even. The viewer's eye is drawn up the hill, the mountain of difficulty, into the hopeful future. which is represented higher and brighter.) But how do I portray that? Do I crop to focus the viewer's eye? Do I remove those lampposts and mailboxes? Do I add texture? Do I burn and dodge the area's I want different?
I still think maybe a little texture would be nice, but I'm waffling a little. maybe the trees are a little bit of a distraction, too...

your thoughts?


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