Tuesday, July 5, 2016

week twenty-six : fireflies

I posted about fireflies last year but my photo shoot was far from what I wanted it to be (I wanted it to be nice not lame. which really should not be too much to ask, right? but fireflies are hard costumers) so naturally I had to give it another go. last year I came away with about fifty photos of blurry, dark, out-of-focus, confusing, ugly pictures of, well, mostly dark, and a spot of t-shirt here or there. and I think maybe one firefly?


But in all honestly, firefly catching is mostly dark running around with shouts of, "I FOUND ONE I FOUND ONE" and "OH!" and "OVER THERE" 

I don't know if fireflies can hear, but considering how they never seem to be where we are (grass is greener...) I figure they probably can. 

my point being: It's not all that pretty catching fireflies, but it's something I want to remember. 

So last sunday (for those of us who don't know us: we never get home sunday nights before 9:30, but this was an exception) I grabbed my camera and younger sisters -- who are always willing to go outside -- to go and catch fireflies. 

and catch we did. It was quite exciting. 

This is actually might be one of my all-time favorite pictures. I love how she runs to greet whoever is coming home. She's seriously one of the most exuberant people I know. and it's very sweet.

What's on your bucket-list to capture this summer? I challenge you to make sure you get it this year!!

(and to my american friends: Happy Forth of July!!)


  1. I've never actually tried catching fireflies but it always seemed so romantic to me. Loving how these shots came out; the fireflies are such fuzzy little blurs of light. Giving me all kinds of warm feels. Now if only New York City had fireflies...haha.


  2. We don't get fireflies, as far as I know, so they've always seemed kind of like a fantasy to me! So chuffed to have now seen what they actually look like, so thank you for sharing!! I love these photos, I think they're perfect :) well done!