Tuesday, July 26, 2016

week twenty-nine : Intentionally Left Blank

see last week's round-up: Light

Our school curriculum has a schedule with reading/writing/discussion questions, etc for each day. Sometimes the back of a page will be blank and they'll have a little note... "This Page Intentionally Left Blank." I don't know why they always caught my eye, but they did. and I'd read it over and over in my head...

This Page Intentionally Left Blank.

Sometimes I have a huge desire to put that in the subject line of every email I write.

This title, this name, this thought.

Intentionally Left Blank.

 day seventeen : this is sunday morning. (note the red crayon. it's seen eight years of use. the bible. not the crayon.)
 day eighteen : planning out my month and oh my word do events ever end? It's a rare thing for me to have multiple things in one week, but last week I had two or three things a DAY all weekend. phew. (and if you're reading this, deryn, I did read a room with a view.)

day twenty : [this caption intentionally left blank]
day twenty-one : library visit! I got to meet two of my favorite shakespearean actors. It was definitely in like the top twenty five favorite moments of my life so far.
day twenty-two : the second baseman... number 15 ... DUSTIN. PEDROIA.
day twenty-three : I deep cleaned my room (by putting all the junk on my bed.) and vacuumed every carpeted surface. Now I just need to straighten (and get those darn windows!) before my sister gets back from her trip.

day twenty-four : a first for me: shooting a proposal. One of those things that was a total blast, but I'm not sure if I'm up to it again. I'm not sure how that works. If I enjoyed it that much, how come I'm not willing to do it again? This answer intentionally left blank?

but in all seriousness, I think I had a good time because it was a success (mostly thanks to shooting partners + friends, Rach & OJ. you guys rocked, thank you!!) But I worry to much about what if there isn't a good angle? and all-in-all I do better when I have relaxed time to really evaluate the setting/mood/comp I want, etc. Still-life's more my thing. ;) 

But I appreciate these opportunities. ♥
And what did we do with the rest of our night? SHAKESPEARE BABY. That day back at the library? Well, I ran into two of the ACTORS and had a fan girl moment with them (at them?) and they were like Ooooh, you HAVE to go see Two Gents. (read: the twenties version - including song and dance - of William Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen of Verona!!!!! WHAT IN THE WHAT)

So I crammed it into my already-too-full schedules and it was wonderful.

What's something you intentionally leave blank? 

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  1. and did you not flip for freddy.

    "'and I've swallowed one,' quoth he of the bracken. 'it wriggleth in my stomach; I shall die-- emerson, you beast, you've got on my bags!'"