Tuesday, July 19, 2016

week twenty-eight : still working on finding the light

I'm not going to pretend that I've ended that rut from last week. It's not quite as deep now, but it's still there (picture proof below.) But, I do appreciate your kind words last week.

 day ten : I'm sure I take wayyy to many pictures of the moon. But then, I'm attracted to light in photography (as are, um, like all photographers) and when the sun goes down all that's left is the moon.

That sounded wayyyy more sappy than I meant it. (okay, I promise not to say "wayyy" again. at least not for the rest of the post.)
day eleven : first day of work and then home to watch the Home Run Derby. (todd frazier was so close!!)

day twelve : Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness... I'm still not tired of this cd.
 day thirteen : oh, yeah, it's tintin. Have I ever mentioned how much we love them?

I didn't think so.
day fourteen: to be honest, I love my job so much, I'm not even mad about wearing this ugly blue color.

funny story: I was all dressed and ready to go to work, lounging on the couch, and my dad comes over and is all, what does your shirt say? and I was like, lol, idk. I haven't actually read it. When did I turn into a weird, absent-minded kid?!

if you were wondering it says: you can find me at the club.

or something to that effect. I honestly can't even remember. it's comfortable and it's the uniform so I'm not asking questions.
day fifteen : watching the red sox whup the yankees. fun day? I think yes.

What're you plans for this week? my plan right now is to just make a smoothie and try my best to get rid of my headache (I took a nap, and for me headaches and naps go hand-in-hand. probably has something to do with the glare coming in my window.)

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  1. If the Red Sox is "whupping" the Yankees, then that's wayyyy too good not to watch! I'm an Angels fan (just went to the game this past Sunday and we won against the White Sox) but I've always loved the Red Sox. I hope your head feels better. Naps are a good idea!

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer