Friday, July 22, 2016

fabulous friday : a list of ten things that are good in life right now

Today was a long day and I didn't write a blog post.

Some days like I feel like, oh, I'm uninspired. and then another day comes and I'm like, lol I thought then I wasn't inspired? ha. I coulda been on drugs it was so good.

I guess that's the thing about taking things for granted: you don't know what you've got til it's gone.

Like that beautiful light that comes in every summer in all our south-facing windows (my bedroom, the kitchen, the living room) that I am just noticing. like, gosh gracious to goodness. look at the white. just, feast your eyes. (ew isn't that expression gross?)

Some good things about my week?
  • that I DO have a good job, even when there are really hard days
  • cold coffee
  • warm light
  • cozy sweaters + blankets that help with the chills
  • good music (read: bastille. it's the only way to celebrate july 14th here in america)
  • busy schedules
  • meeting people who have meant a lot to you (read: shakespearean actors who are excited that you're excited)
  • baseball games that end so, so well
  • libraries
  • art journaling (more on that later!)
  • oscar wilde words
  • burritos
What's been on your love list lately?


  1. This is such a great post! Really enjoyed reading it and other ones on your blog!


  2. that photo is beautiful!! i'm pinning it! ♡ i'm glad you're enjoying life so much this summer!! :D meeting those actors sounds like something i'd get excited about too! so cool!!