Friday, July 15, 2016

fabulous friday // free thoughts

I just finished my second day of work. I don't know what to say... I'm loving it. (oops. that's a slogan!) It's also exhausting in an amazing sort of way. But it's working out well.

So far. 

Am I too much of a downer? Sorry, I'm trying.
Recently, I was riding along in a rental car (long story short: four cars in a week - car rear-ended, van part under warranty into the shop, borrowed car ends it's life, first rental's engine overheats... so we're on our second rental in a week... great. you're up to date. mostly. believe me, there were more ups and downs. mostly downs.

and something I've mentioned before: we listen to a lot of music. like, a lot, a lot. like, when we ride in the car, we rarely don't have music on. But we had been out all day, stuck on the side of the road, and then switching out rental cars and ughhh it was a looooong day. and after we were finally on the way home, we didn't turn the music back on. It just didn't happen.

and I almost asked my dad to turn it on and then I stopped for a second because I realized I didn't really want to listen to it. I was too tired to even ask. 

and then as we rode along in the silence, I realized I actually liked the silence. I liked being alone with my thoughts. I liked to have my own thoughts to myself. I enjoyed not having the music decide what I thought about. 

I liked devoting my entire attention to thinking.

Crazy, right?

But as I've thought about it, like, it makes a lot of sense to me. Music is not only entertainment, but it takes up the spot that your brain uses for thinking (I don't know if this is like legit science, but heck, my experiments could make this a law.

and no wonder it's so nice to fall asleep to music: it stops your creative thinking. It doesn't let your mind wander and it fills up some of that empty space your mind tries to fill when your hands aren't doing anything (i.e. at night!)

Ironically, a song comes to mind: Let's Be Still by the head and the heart.

It says it all... to music.

The days turn into the months the months to years.
So just for a moment
let's be still.

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  1. wow, i love this post. so thought-provoking! i totally get what you mean, we usually have music on in the car but on the odd occasion we don't, it's actually kinda nice. like you say, it allows you to think.

    i've been struggling to get to sleep lately, i might try listening to music as you've suggested. that song you mentioned, i'm listening to it now and i love it! thanks for sharing.

    your week sounds pretty horrendous to be fair! hope this week is better for you!! that photograph is beautiful by the way.