Thursday, May 7, 2015

18/52 (part two) - April 30th : the wind is at my back

you make the road rise up to meet me
you make the sunshine warm upon my face
the wind is at my back
and the rain blows soft
gotta lift you high
you are my abba

We have these freak storms in Kentucky (take that with a grain of salt. The first night after we moved into our house we were sleeping in the living room and there was lighting in the middle of the night and my sister asked if they were taking pictures for google earth? She was seven at the time, but we had different weather in California.) I mean, really. Look at this. (it's more impressive in black and white, I think.)

Compare that to this. I kid you not, I could see both from where I was standing right outside our garage!
(note the little flying things that make it look like my camera lens is all dirty. it's not. it was the wind blowing lots of seedy things around.)

Lovely plant, no? I was trying to break my flip flops in for the beach. Oh, yeah, baby!! (but also I loves storms)

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  1. These are gorgeous photos! I love spring as well <3