Friday, May 29, 2015

fabulous friday : Printed Photos [lesson learned]

So if you've kept up with me, back in February I ordered photos for the first time since getting my dslr (which was two years ago.) As I've spend time messing with them over the past few weeks, I've learned a few helpful tips for next time. Don't make the mistakes I made when ordering pictures!

1. Make sure the "auto-color" is turned off.
This didn't effect most of my photos, but there were a couple that had funny tints on them. Not un-usable, but not me, not how I had edited them. Turn auto everything off, in fact.everything.

2. Make sure that they're the right size.
We've always gotten the same size (like 5x7, I think,) so naturally that was the size I ordered. Unfortunately that didn't fit in the journal I had wanted to put them in. Next time, I need to check the measurements of the scrapbooks/walls/journal I want to put it in and order prints accordingly.

3. Spend [enough] time really deciding on the right photos
I have a few too many useless photos I will (probably) never use. I like them, I really do, but I probably won't do anything with them.

4. Order from Costco.
Like, no really. I'm not just saying this. Their color is amazing, plus they have the cheapest print cost besides shutterfly (who's color/quality is awful.)  Really, actually, read reviews and find out who you really want to order from before jumping the gun!

Happy Friday!

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