Thursday, May 21, 2015

20/52 (part two) - May 16th : Lazy Saturday

My saturdays are usually pretty busy, but every once in a long while I have one of those gem saturdays, like this one. I just relaxed and read When You Reach Me and drank ice tea (oh, yeah, you can get that recipe here.) Also a camera. I also had my camera.

 So this week is my last week of school (yayayayayay) and I need some summer goals...or my parents will give me some (they actually have had some of the most awesome ideas for what to do with my summers. This year my mom is pushing me to get a society6 account and upload some of my pictures. I'm kinda thinking I'll maybe give it a go.) Ideas, anyone? I work three days a week (five hours a day), so I don't have a ton of time, but I am interested in video stuff, so maybe something involving that kind of thing. I have a list of music videos I would love to do. But that's still a dream. Anyway, I'm putting my thinking cap on. What plans do you have for summer?

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