Friday, March 20, 2015

Fabulous Fridays : Inspiration {part three}

Remember this series? (part one and two) I'm finishing it up now. Endings are always sad, aren't they? Well, who knows. Maybe I'll write a part three {continued}. But for now, this will be it. Enjoy!
 1. Good Lighting
Can I get an amen? Let's be honest. Good lighting makes me want, I don't know. Jump for joy or something. Well, at any rate, take a picture. or two. or eight.
2. Scarves
I know this is super girly of me, but accessories make me want to go find good lighting and take a picture. This is sounding really familiar. Am I ripping off someone else's words??
3. Tea (preferably before the fire)
I am a sucker for a good cup of tea. It makes me want to go and create, create, create!!
4. Did I say BOOKS?
5. Shopping
This is me on my last shopping spree. See all that white? That's a petticoat. It's beautiful.

What makes you happy?


  1. Books! One cannot be content if they have not read enough books! I'm a huge bookworm. Good lighting makes me want to go out and take photos, though lately, it's been really cloudy. The lighting in my house makes the subjects in my photography give off a green light emitting from them.

    xoxo Morning

    1. *high fives. Books are amazing, aren't they? (: Cloudy can be pretty good, I've found. Adds a nice reflector! xD Though it tends to be dark clouds here in kentucky, and that's not helpful. I do miss the sun!! What a bummer about the green light. I guess outside is the best choice? Also, have you tried your garage? I find garage light can be kinda cool!!